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About Ready2Adult Ph

Ready2Adult Ph is an online platform born because of the overwhelming reality faced by Millennials & Gen Zs today who, unlike healthy attitudes about love or life, have not cultivated a healthy relationship with money. 

With parents being the main blueprint of their habits, Millennials  & Gen Zs need to grow into their own financial identity, create behaviors and patterns that work for them, and finally be Ready2Adult!

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How Being Cheap Can Make You Poor

Personal Finance is a big topic that we talk about on the channel, and we often mention on the channel: “save your money.” However, some people mistake this as saving every centavo, always choosing the cheapest deals, and never letting money out of their pocket. Contrary to popular belief, could saving money actually be the reason that is keeping you poor?

Best Citibank Credit Cards in 2021 Ranked

I get a lot of questions on what my favorite Credit Card is among the ones I have and it’s my Citi PremierMiles. I’m so happy to announce I am now a Citi Affiliate partner! I wanted to rank the top Citi Credit Cards for you.