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About Ready2Adult Ph

Ready2Adult Ph is an online platform born because of the overwhelming reality faced by Millennials & Gen Zs today who, unlike healthy attitudes about love or life, have not cultivated a healthy relationship with money. 

With parents being the main blueprint of their habits, Millennials  & Gen Zs need to grow into their own financial identity, create behaviors and patterns that work for them, and finally be Ready2Adult!

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KwenTalks: Workplace Drama

Have you experienced or been a victim of drama/toxicity in a professional setting (ex. office, student/volunteer organizations/clubs, workplace, etc.)? 

KwenTalks: Career & Salary Progression

Career shifter or job hopper? Is your salary enough? What are your biggest career wins and losses?

KwenTalks: Dating Experiences

Worst dating experience? Commitment issues? NBSB/NGSB? What do you look for in a partner?

Money Breakdown

Break down money stigmas by sharing how you manage your finances!